Saturday, March 11, 2006

Golf Swing

Zen and the Art of the Golf Swing

Finding Your Center
Your golf swing starts inside before a grip on a golf club is ever realized. Preparing inside for your golf swing begins with finding your center. First, concentrate on your midsection, the pivotal swing point inside where your swing will flow through. Relax and let your center open up. Tense muscles here will impede the flow of your swing. You should be able to rotate side to side smoothly and evenly as if on an axis from shoulder to shoulder. Tense muscles will prevent seamless rotating. Remember to let your arms and wrist do the work. Relax your mind with deep breathing and letting go of any impeding thoughts. Focus on being in the moment.

Getting an Even Grip
Once you have selected your club and are centered over the ball, notice how much pressure you are applying to the golf club. If your club was a raw egg in the shell, would it still be intact in your hands or a fractured, runny mess? Your golf club should rest in your hands comfortably. A death grip on your club means the certain death of your golf swing. With your golf club in front of you, hold it away from you at a 45 degree angle. The grip begins with the left hand. The golf club grip will cross your upper palm and lower index finger with your 3 bottom fingers maintaining a snug grip throughout your golf swing. The right hand is then placed on the club above the left hand and kept fairly relaxed. If your grip is correct then both V’s between your thumb and index finger should be pointing to your right shoulder.

Let Your Golf Swing Flow Through the Ball
With your golf club head behind the ball stand with your feet a shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly while keeping your back straight. Check your weight distribution. Is it evenly balanced and on the front of your feet? Don't reach for the ball, instead let the club's length determine your distance from the golf ball. Check your feet. Are they perpendicular to your goal? Now extend your left arm fully and keep firm throughout your swing. Breathe deep, relax, and remember your center. Turn your hips from your center to load your golf swing. Begin turning from the upper arms and shoulders away from the target. On the down stroke, keep a smooth and steady down swing that essentially flows through the ball.

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Golf Swing


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