Thursday, May 11, 2006

Golf Swing

Golf Swing - Exercises you can do to help your game

The game of golf requires a certain range of motion from players. It demands flexibility as well as strength. To improve your game and lower your score, body conditioning of the specific muscle groups used in the golf swing range of motion and endurance for being on your feet for extended periods of time will better prepare you for the game and in all actuality will most likely improve your score.

Torso Conditioning
The body’s most important movement in the swing is torso rotation. The torso muscle group is critical to the success of your golf swing. When these muscles are weak, there is a loss of strength and flexibility needed to precisely and powerfully launch the ball towards the intended target at a high velocity. Being physically fit with a strong torso allows the golfer to build up club head speed by quickly turning the torso. This controlled action becomes energy to launch the ball towards the target at a higher velocity. Due to the quick winding and unwinding of the swing action, injuries can occur if the body is not properly conditioned to engage in this very specific muscle activity. Being in shape for the rigors of golf can prevent athletic injuries.

Avoiding Injury
Strengthening torso muscles is a matter of resistance to the torso muscle group. Exercises can include crunches that are rotational from side to side to develop stronger strength in twisting during the golf swing and increase flexibility. Rotating a medicine ball or weights in the same pattern as your swing can also improve your strength and flexibility. These are two specific ways to exercise your abdominal muscles and improve your
golf swing.

Increasing Stamina
Additional conditioning can include other factors that are part of the game. Golf is about being on your feet. Exercises that are designed to strengthen leg muscles and cardio fitness will improve your ability to stand for long periods of time, walk for various distances without being totally depleted of your energy when the game is finished, and give you the enery to maintain a controlled golf swing throughout your round.

Getting in the Game
Instead of waiting until spring to begin playing and getting into shape, why not be ready for the season to begin. During the off-season, you can position yourself for a better game from the beginning by body conditioning before the season begins. You’ll be ahead of the game from the very beginning and have increased stamina which will just get better as the season progresses.

Golf Swing