Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Golf Swing

Golf Swing and Grip Tips

It seems there are a hundred different things that you can do to send your golf ball off it's intended course often never to be seen again. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before and during your golf swing.

1. Your grip should have both V's (the line between your thumb and index finger) pointing to your right shoulder (for a right handed golf swinger)

2. The bottom 3 fingers of your left hand should maintain a firm grip throughout your swing.

3. Keep your right hand grip relaxed throughout the golf swing.

4. Make sure to extend your left arm all the way and keep it firm during your golf swing.

5. Turn your left knee inwards.

6. Remember to turn your hips during your golf swing with the exception of pitch and chip shots.

7. Try to maintain a constant balance of your torso throughout the golf swing.

8. Keep your knees flexed and your stance comfortable.

9. Don't reach for the ball during your swing. Instead let the golf club's length determine your distance from the golf ball.

10. Always keep your eye on the ball throughout your entire golf swing and until you make contact.

11. Stay focused and try not to think about the foresome behind you waiting to hit.

Golf Swing